C Path 2(Longer

You have been walking for what seems to be hours when you see a friendly camp do stop at the camp or continue mission

Stop At camp there is nothing special it just a few tents set up although they may be able to tell how to get. to the strong hold. as you walk into the camp you are stopped by the commanding Chaos Champion. he ask why your out here. the Champion is very displeased that you are lost. he tells you that he does not feel the warp within you. you are told that it is another 3 hours up the road to the stronghold. do to your incompetence your are throne out of the camp. Now being throughn out you can continue on your journy.in a few hours you reach entrance to the enemy stronghold it doesn’t seem to bee to gaurded. From the long walk you take a -1 to all rolls

continue mission you decided not to stop a the camp as pass you hear. the Flesh Hounds bark at you. as walk futher down the road you are stopped by the Champion of the camp u just passed. he ask were your going. he is very pleased with you . he sais that the warp is strong in you. you are invited to rest at the camp. Yes-you are given 100 Credits. No- you are given 200 Credits.

you are told that it will be quicker to take the hidden path up the road. your told the hidden path is behind hidden behind some move able rocks.

as continue to walk u see the rock that you can move. as you move rocks you see the hidden passage. as you walk up the path you see the enemy stronghold but. there seems to be no gaurds defending this opening.

C Path 2(Longer

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